From January 1, 2021, the Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA) comes into force. PSD2 obliges banks to guarantee secure transactions protected against fraud.


It will no longer work just by entering your card number, expiration date and CVV code (the three-digit number that appears on the back).


From now on it will also be necessary to incorporate one more piece of information.


The SCA requires the consumer to use authentication factors to confirm that they are the rightful cardholder.


This implies that when making a payment it is essential that you provide: something you know (a password or pin), something you have (a mobile phone, a key card or a single-use code) and inherence (such as a fingerprint or other biometric data).


All the information for secure payments is offered by your bank.


To do this, in cooperation with Redsys (payment gateway or Virtual POS), incorporates the latest update on the secure payment process into the platform.

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