All products are guaranteed by for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. However, when the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months, it is up to the consumer to prove that the defect existed from the beginning, and can only do so through independent expert reports.

To complain about the lack of conformity of the product, the consumer can go to both the seller and the manufacturer of the product. The law establishes a general term of 2 years from the acquisition for the problem to manifest itself.

Warranty for transportation:

If when you receive your order it presents any deficiency or breakage due to the transport of the courier company, you must notify it as soon as possible by email to with the order number within 2 months so that we can proceed to Processing of the insurance of the courier company, after this period, deficiencies or breakages caused by the transport of the product will not be processed, you will not be able to claim the replacement of the product or the parts with breakage due to this fact.

If you have the possibility and when you receive the order you present a blow externally, it is always more efficient to notify this fact on the delivery note that you sign to the courier. In case of breakage by the courier company, will proceed to replace the product or if possible to send you only the damaged part if it is easy to replace.

Warranty process:
Radio control product warranties are especially difficult to offer. In RC devices it is normal to suffer blows and accidents (helicopters, cars, airplanes, ...) that may not leave a visible external sequel to the accident produced but have caused internal damage to the product, which the customer later mistakenly believes as a defect of fabric. Also, failure to properly assemble and adjust the product before use later causes a malfunction or possible accident. Before thinking that your product is defective, you should verify that you are using it correctly and properly, and that you know the operating instructions. A good adjustment and maintenance of the device are essential to avoid suffering a future breakdown. For any questions about the operation of the product, technical problem or if you need help, please write to: or call us at the contact number.

Do not make any modifications to the product before use.

Warranty Exclusions:
- Defects or damage due to improper use or handling of the material or wear caused by normal use of the same, as well as those due to accident.
- The decrease in the functionality of the articles, due to the limitations of their conception (maximum speed, battery life, RC coverage, ...)
- Defects or damage due to lack of maintenance, lack of adjustment, or any other reason that is attributable to the lack of care on the part of the buyer.
- The wear or tear of competition products, being those that are used to obtain maximum performance constantly and exceeding the limits of the machine typical of competition, thus causing greater and faster wear, heating and breakage of parts, etc.

If, after processing a guarantee, once the product is received in our warehouses we verify that it does not present any defect. We verified that the problem was the lack of knowledge on the part of the client of the use and operation of the device. In this case, the customer is responsible for the round trip shipping costs of the product.

As our concern is always to offer you the best of services, we want you to know our guarantee process.

Warranty procedure:
- If when you receive your order you find that the material received does not match the order you made, or that any of the products you bought or any of its parts is missing, please write to: with the order number and indicating this fact.
- If when you receive the product and from the first moment it does not work properly. After verifying everything, knowing its operation and possible adjustments, it clearly presents a manufacturing defect, you must notify us by writing to:
- If after using the product normally for a while, you have a problem related to a manufacturing defect, please write to detail the problem:, where we will inform you how to proceed.
During the warranty process, we may ask for photos or videos for verification or to consult with the vendor or manufacturer.
The warranty processes are sometimes not immediate, due to having to send the product to the factory, we only ask for a little patience.

Exceptions to the warranty:

- In the combustion engines of any radio control product we only offer a functional test guarantee, once the engine has started and consumed several deposits we do not have a guarantee, the claim time in case of a defect has to be before 15 days.

In all combustion engines it is necessary to run-in, unless it is indicated on the product that it is pre-rolled.

However, if a problem really arises with the motor of your device after the deadline that we set, inform us about it and we will help you solve it, we will study your case and its solution. It is usually not at all common for a manufacturing defect to occur with an engine.

- In Lithium-Polymer (LI-PO) technology batteries we only offer a guarantee of operation in its first use or 24 hours once the product is received.

All batteries are sent verified.

It is important to note that you should never completely deplete the battery since with only this fact the battery can be unusable, and if you store it you must do so with a charge in storage mode or, failing that, always charged.

All guarantees will always be under the instructions indicated by, upon request and acceptance.

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